High-Tech in Translation


Highly sophisticated software technology has long since become an important part of the translation business.

With certain types of texts, the use of what is referred to as a translation memory system can be beneficial for translation. But to avoid a possible misunderstanding: What we are dealing with here is not the kind of machine translation you are probably familiar with from the internet.

A translation memory system is rather more a software application that allows you to re-use text segments you have already translated previously. This means that any parts of a text that already exist in the database only have to be translated a single time. For you as a customer, this primarily means terminological consistency in your documents and, in certain circumstances, also significant cost savings.

Text types that can be handled with translation memory systems are, for example, technical manuals that need to be updated on a regular basis, packaging texts or product specifications, of which large portions always remain the same.

At the customer's request, we use the translation memory systems memoQ, Wordfast and STAR Transit.