Quality Assurance


Guarantee for an Excellent Translation

We are aware of the fact that you, our customer, put great care into the wording of your texts. So you have every right to expect the same amount of care from your translators. To meet the high quality standards of my clients, quality assurance measures are a firm part of the translation process.



Essential steps in the quality process are:

  • Identification of type of text, target audience and purpose of text
  • Review of the source text for ambiguities, vagueness or contradictions
  • If any questions arise, these are discussed with the client
  • The finished translation is proofread, edited and corrected in view of content, spelling, grammar and terminological inconsistencies.
  • Layout and format check
  • If customers wish to make changes to the (original) text afterwards, add further text or have any other specific wishes concerning the terminology, these requests are incorporated.
  • In certain cases, an internal terminology database can be created for later translations.