IT & Technologies

User manuals & more

IT experts and engineers know exactly what is needed: The keys to technical documentation and user’s guides are the highest level of accuracy and seamless consistency in the terminology used. We all know how frustrating it can be if you are faced with poorly translated instructions (usually in the worst possible moment). Translation mistakes in technical manuals can even have disastrous consequences.

In this area in particular, translation memory software is a crucial tool to ensure consistent terminology in all of your manuals.

The types of texts I translate include:

  • User’s guides
  • Safety manuals
  • Instructions
  • Quality assurance manuals
  • Technical documentation
  • Specifications
  • Marketing materials

Special Focus: Measuring Equipment & Automotive Testing Systems

In close cooperation with a highly qualified translator with many years of experience in the area of measuring equipment and automotive testing systems, I have been providing quality translations in this specific area for many years. These translation products are distinguished by being highly accurate, easy to follow and consistent in the use of terminology.

Particularly in times of increasing electrification and hybridisation in automotive technologies, this is a very exciting area to work in.

The types of texts we translate include:

  • User’s guides
  • Technical documentation
  • Quality system procedures
  • Marketing materials
  • Scientific papers
  • Press releases