What happens when I order a translation?

The process is basically very simple and straightforward if certain points are considered:

When you send us your translation request, we recommend sending the entire source text in a countable format, so that we have a basis for a quote. "Countable" means a format (for example Microsoft Word) that offers character count. But don't worry if your format does not have a counting feature (PDF, scanned image). We will still find a way to determine the amount of text. In case the text is online we'll need the exact specification (URL) of the website, webpages or text parts that you wish to have translated.

If possible, also let us know the following details:

  • When is the translation needed?
  • What is the purpose of the translation?
  • For whom is the translation intended?

After that you'll receive a free quotation.

Following order confirmation, the work phase starts.

Later on, these questions may also be of relevance:

  • Is English the readers' native language?
  • Which variant of English should be used?
  • What effect should the text have on the readers?
  • In what way is the text going to be provided to its readers?
  • Are there any similar already available texts or glossaries that can serve as a reference?

When the actual translation work is finished, the fine-tuning begins: The text is now subjected to a thorough, internal revision, i.e. it is checked and checked again for accuracy, stylistic and linguistic correctness.

Particular attention is given to numbers (amounts, measurements).

Any questions resulting from the initial translation and review are clarified with the customer. It is very often sufficient to collect them in a list and send them to the customer or a contact person in an e-mail, so that any ambiguities in the text can be sorted out as quickly as possible. In some cases, ambiguities or questions are added in footnotes for further processing.

You'll receive the finished translation attached to an e-mail. The delivery is also possible by regular mail.

You are requested to check the text upon receipt. In case you have any special modification requests or want to add further text, we will incorporate your wishes as quickly as we can.

Last update on 23. January 2018 by anita.

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