How do you calculate the cost of a translation?

The cost of a translation mainly depends on the following factors:

  • Text length
  • Desired delivery time
  • Subject matter
  • Format of the original text

There are several ways to calculate the cost of a translation but our standard method is to charge per line of target text.

A standard line has 55 characters including spaces. If you have a document in Word format, you can easily make a rough estimate yourself by dividing the number of characters (including spaces) by 55. But this should only serve as a guideline, because the length of the English target text may be slightly shorter or longer and will ultimately serve as the basis for the price.

The line rate also depends on the subject matter, i.e. the expected research requirements. Further possible pricing factors are naturally the required delivery time (if your text is particularly urgent, there may be a small added express delivery charge) or extra time needed for unusual formats.

Please note that we offer reductions for regular customers/high volumes and follow-on orders.

Under certain circumstances we may be able to offer a discount for repeated phrases!

We also provide special rates for translation agencies and webdesign companies!

Please understand that we cannot estimate the translation fee without seeing the documents first.

Send us your document and we will send you a free price quotation!

Last update on 23. January 2018 by anita.

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